Monday, June 14, 2010


owning a shop and a blog about English style things is just from myself interest, i am a woman whom married to my beloved husband and born 3 lovely child consist of one daughter and a couple of ARMY(boy). hehe. as u know about vantage, it is beautiful right to own something lovely from vantage, i really wanted to buy some before but then i know those kind of cute things also can be own at just affordable price and for sure it is not original, imported from china but i bet these china imported English style thing is just nice as vantage, the different is just cop from vantage. so one day i found my old friend on Facebook, and she own an English style thing imported form china, so i am so excited to own one to and i went to meet her for some discussion about owning a shop something and lastly at the early of 2010 i finally own a shop selling these English style thing imported form china and i hope you guys can support me for my first business. to view some of my thing, u can just negative from tab above. just click which section u want to see. this blog is just made and we haven't upload all of pictures yet but there is still more pictures i will upload as soon as possible. if u interested, u can email us at our email to make order, u can call us too or simply just came to our shop to view more. :) we will have different thing every month. so just stay update with our blog and thanks for reading this introduction, enjoy yourself.